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Simplify polynomials calculator

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This calculator simplifies polynomials as much as possible. Calculator works with polynomials in one or more variables. For example calculator can simplify expressions such as $2(x+1)-4(x-2)+3(3-4x)$ or $(a+b)^3 - (a-b)^3$. The calculator shows all the steps and easy-to-understand explanations of how the problem was solved.

Simplify polynomials
simplify the polynomial as much as possible
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(x+2)^2 - 2(x-1)(x+3)
(a+b)^3 - (a-b)^3
example 1:ex 1:
$2(3x-2) + 4(5x-1) - (3x+5) = $
example 2:ex 2:
$\dfrac{2x+3}{4} - \dfrac{2x-1}{2} = $
example 3:ex 3:
$(a+b)^2-(a-b)^2 = $
example 4:ex 4:
$(x+y+z)^3-(x+y-z)^3 = $
example 5:ex 5:
$\dfrac{a+b+c}{3} - \dfrac{a-b+c}{6} - \dfrac{a+b-c}{6} = $
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