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Cone calculator

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Enter two values of a cone and select what to find. The calculator gives a step-by-step solution on how to find the missing value of a cone.

Cone Calculator
input two values of a cone and select what you want to find
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Curved Surface
Cone formulas
$$ V = \frac{a^2 \times h \times \pi }{3} $$
$$ A_L = r \times l \times \pi $$
curved surface area
$$ A_F = r^2 \pi $$
base area
$$ A = A_F + A_L $$
total area
$$ A = r \, \pi (r + l) $$
total area
$$ l^2 = h^2 + r^2 $$
slant height
example 1:ex 1:
Find the total area of a cone with a radius of 8.2cm and a height of 8.5cm.
example 2:ex 2:
What is the height of a cone with a total area of 24π cm and a diameter of 4 cm?
example 3:ex 3:
The slant height is 12 cm, and the cone radius is 8.5cm. Determine the volume of the cone.
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