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Simplifying rational expressions

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This calculator factor both the numerator and denominator completely then reduce the expression by canceling common factors. Able to display the work process and the detailed explanation.

$$\frac{x^2+1}{2x^2-4x+2} ~ + ~\frac{x}{(x-1)^2} - \frac{x+1}{x^2-2x+1}$$
Simplifying Rational Expressions Calculator
Here you can simplify any rational expression
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1/x - 1/(x+1)
x/(x^2+2x+1) + 1/(x+1)
Question 1:ex 1:
Simplify : $$\dfrac{x^2+x-2}{3x^2-4x+1}$$.
Question 2:ex 2:
Simplify expression : $$\frac{2x^2 + x}{2x^3 + 7x^2 + 3x}$$.
Question 3:ex 3:
Simplify expression : $$\dfrac{\dfrac{1}{x} - \dfrac{1}{2x+1}}{\dfrac{4x}{2x+1}}$$.
Question 4:ex 4:
Simplify expression : $$\frac{x^2+1}{2x^2-4x+2} ~ + ~\frac{x}{(x-1)^2} - \frac{x+1}{x^2-2x+1}$$.
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