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Hexagon Calculator

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Input the side, area, perimeter, radius, diagonal or diameter of a regular hexagon, then choose a missing value. The calculator provides a step-by-step explanation on how to find the unknown dimension.

Hexagon Calculator
input dimenison you know and select what to find
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calculator works with decimals, fractions and square roots (to input $ \color{blue}{\sqrt{2}} $ type $\color{blue}{\text{r2}} $)
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Long diagonal
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Short diagonal
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Circumcircle radius
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Incircle radius
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Hexagon formulas
$$ A = \frac{3 a^2 \sqrt{3}}{2} $$
$$ P = 6a $$
$$ r = \frac{a\sqrt{3}}{2} $$
incircle radius
$$ R = a $$
circumcircle radius
$$ s = a\sqrt{3} $$
short diagonal
$$ d = 2a $$
long diagonal
example 1:ex 1:
What is the area of a regular hexagon if the perimeter is 90 cm?
example 2:ex 2:
Find the area of a hexagon if the long diagonal is 12/5 cm.
example 3:ex 3:
What is the side of a hexagon with a area of 50 cm2?
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