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In this section you will find 46 math tests with 503 questions which are classified into 16 categories. Tests are designed in such a way to instigate the student to use logic and to understand the matter, so to solve most tests neither pen nor calculator are needed.

After the practice exam is completed, tests will be auto-graded and you can then view your score board. You will be able to see which questions you answered correctly and which you got wrong along with correct answers. This way you can assess which areas you need to review.

4 categories ; 10 quizzes; 119 questions
linear equations
1 category ; 3 quizzes; 29 questions
quadratic equations
2 categories ; 5 quizzes; 55 questions
exponents and logarithms
1 category ; 4 quizzes; 57 questions
3 categories ; 8 quizzes; 81 questions
algebra 2
2 categories ; 9 quizzes; 86 questions