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In this section you will find 46 math tests with 503 questions which are classified into 16 categories. Tests are designed in such a way to instigate the student to use logic and to understand the matter, so to solve most tests neither pen nor calculator are needed.

After the practice exam is completed, tests will be auto-graded and you can then view your score board. You will be able to see which questions you answered correctly and which you got wrong along with correct answers. This way you can assess which areas you need to review

Table of content:

1. Polynomial Tests

1.1: Tests on Polynomials basics

1.1.1: Test on definition, degree and names of polynomials

1.1.2: Test on Evaluating polynomials

1.2: Operations with Polynomials

1.2.1: Test on combining like terms

1.2.2: Test on adding and subtracting polynomials

1.2.3: Test on multiplying polynomials

1.2.4: Test on division of polynomial and Remainder theorem

1.3: Tests about Roots of Polynomials

1.3.1: Test in properties of polynomial roots

1.3.2: Rational root test and Descartes' Rule of Signs

2. Linear Equations

2.1: Tests on solving linear equations and inequalities

2.1.1: Test in Solving elementary linear equations

2.1.2: Test in Solving linear equations involving brackets

2.1.3: Test in Solving Linear Equations With Fractions and Decimals

3. Quadratic Equations

3.1: Solving Quadratic Equations

3.1.1: Solve quadratic equations by using the square root property

3.1.2: Solve quadratic equations by completing the square

3.1.3: Solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula

3.2: Tests in Quadratic Function and Discriminant

3.2.1: Quadratic Function

3.2.3: Discriminant of a quadratic equation

4. Radicals

4.1: Tests in basic operations with radicals

4.1.1: Simplifying Radicals

4.1.2: Adding and subtracting Square Roots

4.1.3: Test in Multiplying Square roots

4.2: Tests on rationalizing denominator

4.2.1: Rationalizing denominator with with one radical term

4.2.2: Test on rationalizing denominator with two or more terms

4.3: Tests on solving radical equations and inequalities

4.3.1: Test on solving equations with radicals

4.3.2: Test on solving radical inequalities

5. Exponents and Logarithms

5.1: Tests in Exponents

5.1.1: Test in Positive Exponents

5.1.2: Test in Negative Exponents

5.1.3: Scientific notation test

5.1.4: Test in Rational Exponents

6. Trigonometry

6.1: Tests in Angles and Angle Measurement

6.1.1: Measuring angles in degrees

6.1.2: Changing from degrees to radians and back

6.2: The Unit Circle Tests

6.2.1: Test in Finding points and angles on the unit circle

6.2.2: Signs of trigonometric function

6.3: Tests in trigonometry of the right triangle

6.3.1: Pythagorean Theorem Test

6.3.2: Test in Special Right Triangles

6.3.2: The sine, cosine and tangent ratio test

6.3.2: Test in solving problems using trigonometric ratios

7. Algebra 2

7.1: Tests in Complex Numbers

7.1.1: Test in Graphing Complex Numbers

7.1.2: Test in Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers

7.1.3: Test in Multiplying Complex Numbers

7.1.4: Test in Conjugate and Modulus of a Complex Numbers

7.1.5: Test in Dividing Complex Numbers

7.1.6: The powers of Complex Numbers

7.2: Tests in Sequences And Series

7.2.1: Arithmetic Series Test

7.2.2: Geometric Series Test

7.2.3: Mixed Problems