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Correlation and regression calculator

Enter two data sets and this calculator will find the equation of the regression line and correlation coefficient. The calculator will generate a step by step explanation along with the graphic representation of the data sets and regression line.

Correlation and Regression Calculator
Input X and Y values separated by comma or blank space
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Find the equation of the regression line
Find the correlation coefficient
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example 1:ex 1:

Consider the following set of points: ${(-3 , -4), \, (2 , 3), \, (7 , 11)}$

a) Find the regression line for the given data points.

b) Plot the given points and the regression line.

example 2:ex 2:

The values of $X$ and their corresponding values of $Y$ are shown in the table below:

$$ \begin{array}{c|ccccc} X & ~1~ & ~2~ & ~3~ & ~4~ & ~5 \\ Y & ~4~ & ~8~ & ~9~ & ~11~& ~16 \end{array} $$

Find a Pearson correlation coefficient.

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