Amortization calculator

Amortization is a repayment of a loan in an equal periodic payments.

This amortization calculator lets you estimate your monthly loan repayments. The calculator will generate a detailed explanation on how to create an amortization payment schedule for input loan terms.

Amortization Schedule Calculator
How much will be your monthly loan payment.
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example 1:ex 1:
What is the monthly payment on a mortgage of $\$12000$ with annual interest rate of $5.5\%$ that runs for $10 \, \text{years}$.
example 2:ex 2:
If a mortgage is amortized over $10 \, \text{months}$ at an interest rate of $7 \%$ and monthly payments of $\$25.3$, what is the original value of the mortgage?
example 3:ex 3:
You want to take out a mortgage for $\$50000$ with monthly payments at $4.5\%$, and you can afford $\$550$ per month payments. How long would you have to make payments to pay off the mortgage.
example 4:ex 4:
What is the interest rate on a mortgage of \$23000 with an \$350 monthly payments that runs for 10 years.
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