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Cube and cuboid

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  • Question 1:
    1 pts
    The lengths of three edges of the cuboid are $6, 8$ and $10 cm.$ Find the sum of lengths of all edges of the cuboid.





  • Question 2:
    1 pts
    The length of a diagonal of a cuboid is $13 cm$. Find the length of the third edge of the cuboid if two edges are $3 cm$ and $12 cm$.
  • Question 3:
    1 pts
    Given that the surface area of a cube is $6cm$, find the length of one of its sides.





  • Question 4:
    1 pts
    If the sum of the lengths of the edges of a cube is $48 cm$, the volume of that cube is $96 cm^{3}$
  • Question 5:
    2 pts
    The surface area of a cube is $648 cm^{2}$, find the surface area of one of its sides.
  • Question 6:
    2 pts
    Calculate the surface area of the cube if the surface area of the axial section of the cube is $64\sqrt{2} cm^{2}.$
  • Question 7:
    2 pts
    The diagonal of a cube is $11\sqrt{3} cm.$ Find the volume of that cube?
  • Question 8:
    2 pts
    The volume of cuboid is $500 cm^{3}.$ Find the length of its diagonal if two of his edges has length $5 cm$ and $10 cm.$





  • Question 9:
    3 pts
    How many liters of water can you put in the container of the shape of a cuboid whose dimensions are $20 cm$, $60 cm$ and $5 cm$?

    $18$ liters


    $6$ liters

    $3$ liters

  • Question 10:
    3 pts
    The dimensions of a cuboid are in ratio $1:3:4$ and the volume is $96cm^{3}.$ Find the total surface area of the cuboid.
    Total surface area$=$
  • Question 11:
    3 pts
    Measured numbers of the surface and volume of the cube are the same. The length of the edge of the cube is $6$.
  • Question 12:
    3 pts
    By what factor is the volume of a cube increased if each of its sides is tripled?

    $3$ times

    $6$ times

    $9$ times

    $27$ times